Stone Pool Pavers and Their Shapes

Introduction to Pool Pavers

Pool pavers are an important part of your pool area. They need to comply with several common laws that state that pool pavers must be slip resistant. Most materials nowadays can be sealed to ensure that they are slip resistant, while some of them are naturally slip resistant.
You and your family will enjoy the many benefits of having a swimming pool in your own backyard. Adding striking and creative pool pavers to your pool flooring, decking and walkway that leads to the pool area will enhance the features of your swimming pool. They will also protect and keep your whole family safe.

Concrete, stone and brick are the three most common raw materials that are used for pool pavement applications. Concrete and brick pavers are man made products that can be produced in a variety of shapes. This is due to the fact that they are molded. Stone pavers are natural stones and quarried all around the world. They are mainly cut to basic shapes.

Types of Pool Pavers Shapes

Pool pavers are generally squared and rectangular in shape. Smooth edges and textured surfaces are most suited for pool pavers. Squared and rectangular pavers offer that! Shapes that can be included on pool flooring and decking’s are:


Patterns and Shapes

The shape of a paver plays a very important role in the laying patterns. The pavers shape actually dictates which type of laying pattern is possible. Some pavers such as the zigzagged shaped pavers create an interlocking pattern. Others that are shaped like squares are placed in patterns side by side.

Some of the most commonly used pool paver shapes today are the squared and rectangular. They are placed in simple patterns to create striking and casual affects. Diamonds shaped pavers are also commonly used around pool areas.

Irregular Shapes

Concrete, natural stone and brick pavers can all be used to create irregular shapes. Irregular shapes are shapes that are not uniform and each one is unique in shape. Irregular shapes can be used as stepping-stone to the entrance of your pool area. Irregular paver shapes can also be used to pave your pool decking. Irregular shapes can create effective patterns. They will also create beauty and enhance the features of your swimming pools area.  

Combining Shapes

Another effective option when it comes to your pool area is combine several different shaped pavers together. This can be very effective and you are creating your own individual and unique style.

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