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If you have plans on constructing a new patio, an outdoor pathway, steps, or even a drive way; you will need to use some form of paver to create the hard surface required for these jobs. Paver's are generally just hard blocks of area that are used to create surfaces - but depending on what type of paving you plan on having done, you should chose your surface accordingly. There are 3 main types to choose from.

The first and most popular type, are stone paver's. This type of paver is not man-made and is the resulting formation from millions of years of natural forces. Stone paver is typically mined at quarries, and can be obtained from a rock outcrop. Many people opt for this type of paver simply because it's easy to install - whereas other people will use stone paver so they can easily create a variety of unique, attractive flooring designs.

Your next two options are brick and concrete paver. These differ slightly from stone, in the sense that they are man-made. This type of paver is made by companies and factories who use methods of intense heating and melting to create the solid formations. Brick and concrete paver are well known for their durability and strength, and would be a good option if you are looking for a surface that maintains it's grip when wet - i.e. for use around swimming pools.

The differences between stone paver and other paver may seem subtle at first, but you should always use a type of paver that suits the design you want, your budget and your installation requirements. Again, most people will tend to choose a stone paver, as it is usually the most reliable and versatile. If you want to buy the best of stone pavers, contact our live chat or phone at the number above.

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  1. Various kind of paving stones are available in market and each one has some unique feature. So selection of a paving stone is depends on type of place where you want to be installed it.