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Granite is one of the oldest, most durable and most respected of building materials. Traditionally, it is the material chosen by both architects and engineers when performance, enduring colour and texture combined with complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance, are prime requirements. Each piece of granite is created deep in the earth from magma. It has a very dense grain which helps it endure the toughest of weather conditions whilst making its stain resistance one of the best in natural materials.

As a granite customer, do not expect uniformity, but rather to appreciate the everlasting and individual beauty of natural stone.

Most of our granite stock is reclaimed granite, however, we do stock various lengths of ‘new’ Granite Lintels-up to 3 metres in length, and Granite Gateposts. We can also order various items of new Portuguese granite including Granite Quoins, Cobbles/Setts, Steps and Troughs.

Granite Cobbles/Setts - Granite Cobbles/Setts can be used for paving Driveways, Paths and Yards also for Edging and Walling.

Cornwall County Council bought Cobbles from us which they used in the new pedestrian area in Launceston Town Centre, see photo gallery.

Granite Quoins - Granite Quoins come in various sizes.

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