Flagstone Patios & Walkways

The patio is a nearly always present feature of the Dallas area home. By enlarging your living space, patios make the house feel bigger and unite the interior and exterior spaces. Patios give us an opportunity to enjoy the out-of-doors, especially when they are dressed up as an outdoor room.

And nothing enhances the look of a patio better than flagstone. A flagstone patio denotes hardiness, security, wherewithal and permanence. With its bluish coloring, flagstone also conveys a cool beauty, particularly welcoming during our hot summer months. A flagstone patio sends a powerful visual message.

In geological terms, flagstone belongs in the sandstone family. It is hard and relatively thin, making it a rugged, ready-made flooring choice. It comes in irregular shapes thus adding texture and interest to whatever space it covers. In fact, the laying of flagstone has been likened to putting together a puzzle.

Since the patio functions as a transition space between your home and your landscaping, it plays a critical role in your garden landscape. A patio gives you an opportunity to display a personal touch and show off your own aesthetic. It also provides your family and friends with an interesting view out the windows of your home.
Patios are a type of hardscapes, the subset of landscaping categories that describe the non-plant material in your landscape’s design. Thus your material choices within that entire group need to be coordinated. Because of its durability and neutral palette, flagstone is a go-to choice for many hardscapes.

Garden pathways lead your guests from the patio to the rest of the landscape, thus finishing off the patio design. Paths create interest and direct the eye across the green expanse of a yard. Flagstone is especially suited as a material choice for pathways.

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Granite Cobbles

Granite pavers. Why exactly is it? Because granite is a paving material is almost eternal. It suffices to take a stroll through Red Square to visit the fortress, to recall the old streets and beautiful cities in Europe, and you'll realize that granite pavers are not just original and beautiful, but also a very practical method of paving. In the standard understanding of typesetting is paving the road surface, which is of specially matched in size and processed stones. It may seem that the granite pavement is unnecessarily expensive way of paving, but it's not entirely true. First, the pavement - it's incredibly convenient.

A lot of communication takes place under the ground, and if it fails, then there is nothing easier than to disassemble the pavement and after troubleshooting to collect it back. It should also be noted here that on the surface of the pavement had not formed large puddles on it you will never slip or fall. Secondly, sett - this is useful. You only need to remember the summer on a hot day, acrid fumes from the asphalt, and the question - what kind of paving material to choose - will disappear by itself. A variety of granite color palette lets you choose paving stones that will fit into any landscape design.

Cobbles - a long-lasting and durable modern material, which has become a very prestigious in recent years. Cobbles will help create a unique aesthetic and the road surface. The area paved with stone blocks, gets cozy European appearance. sett - this is the perfect cover for patios and walkways to give and garden. The easiest way to change the appearance of cottage or garden - is to put the track pavement. Cobbles will give a unique look for your country home. Granite Cobbles , granite has a high resistance to atmospheric processes, temperature changes, mechanical stress.

Granite paving is ideal for paving roads, sidewalks, squares. Bridge of Europe, paved with granite paving stones have been preserved to this day. In carrying out underground work when you need to dismantle, granite pavers can be easily dismantled and then assembled again. sett paving paving paving stone on the surface are formed does not puddle. Mezhplitochny allow moisture to penetrate the gaps down, and after steaming through the tile coating, excluding them under the so-called "water mirror". Sett paving in natural heating does not soften and retain their 100 per cent of the mechanical properties, it does not emit, unlike asphalt, carcinogenic substances.

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Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers can be used for various applications in both commercial and residential projects. They are so versatile and offer an unlimited range of colors, designs, sizes and shapes.

Commercial Applications:

Parking lots
Loading docks
Industrial storage areas
Airport pavements
Public and industrial pavements
Median strips
Community centers
Erosion control
Shopping malls

Residential Applications:

Pool surroundings
Erosion control

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Natural Granite Stone Pavers Benefits

About Granite Pavers

Granite Pavers have been used for hundreds of years in the building and construction fields. Granite was so commonly used in ancient architecture. Granite was also historically used by royals, for the covering of courtyards in their castles and estates. It is particularly excellent in high traffic areas, such as sidewalks and pavements.

Even today Granite Pavers are a popular choice for flooring applications. The reason is that Granite has the ability to completely transform the look of any home, commercial building, interior, exterior, floor, wall, bench top, fireplace or vanity. Wherever Granite is used it is sure to enhance the overall appeal and market value of your investment.

Granite Pavers are being seen more and more in the garden and landscapes of residential properties. Because it is a natural stone, it is able to blend in so well with plants, trees and flowers, enabling people to create a space where one can enjoy their natural surroundings, while extending the space of the house.
What Are the Benefits of using Granite Pavers?


Granite Pavers are cut from the natural stone granite, and carry immense natural beauty. They will enhance the look of any place where they are installed with a timeless elegance. They will blend in well with all types of surroundings, whether they are used for interior or exterior applications.


Granite is one of the most durable and strong building stones. It has a very hard surface, making it very difficult to chip, scratch or wear. This makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas, for it will last a lifetime. Granite is also colorfast and stain resistant.


Granite Pavers are ideal for use around pool areas, where there will be a lot of water splashed onto the floor, where people will be walking and playing around. Granite has a hardwearing, rough surface to it; this is what makes it slip-resistant.

Low Maintenance

There is little to know maintenance required with Granite pavers. It is recommended that you seal your pavers once a year to help reduce the risk of permanent staining.


Granite is a 100% non-combustible material making it completely fireproof and also completely heat resistant. This means that Granite Pavers can be used near the fireplace or barbecue and will not be too hot to walk on a hot summer’s day.

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Sidewalk Pavers

Sidewalks provide pedestrians with a safe walking passage. They separate pedestrians from the vehicle traffic on the roads. Hence, they play an important role in our public street system.

Sidewalks are used by people, bicycles, pets, skateboards and roller blades, to name a few, so they need to be strong, sturdy and durable to withstand high usage.

City Sidewalk

Sidewalks are made using various materials, including all types of pavers. There is of course the right type of paver for the particular sidewalk site. Some areas will need a more heavy-duty type of paver than would other areas.

Often brick or concrete pavers are used for sidewalk paving.

Design Elements

There are three main design elements to consider when planning a sidewalk. These elements are; width, surface and separation from vehicle traffic.


The width of a sidewalk depends on the needs of the area. In areas that would be classified as low density, like small homed neighborhoods, the average sidewalk width is about 4 foot.

Concrete & Pavers

In areas that would be classified as medium density, sites that contain mostly unit blocks and complexes, the average width of a sidewalk would be about 6 foot.
An area which consists of housing, complexes and commercial dwellings, would class as a high density area, and would require about 10 foot sidewalks.


The most common type of sidewalk material seems to be concrete slabs and concrete pavers, and sometimes a mixture of the two. Concrete is popular due to its smooth and durable textured surface.

Concrete pavers are becoming widely applied to sidewalks because they have a more attractive appeal to them, than does plain concrete slabs.

To achieve an aesthetic looking sidewalk, with a smooth and durable surface, often a mixture of concrete slabs and concrete pavers are used. A concrete slab is poured in the middle walking area, and concrete pavers along the edges, creating an appealing sidewalk.

Separation from Vehicle Traffic

Sidewalks are often designed with an added strip of area between the road and the actual paved sidewalk. These strips separate pedestrians even further from road traffic. This area usually about 2 to 4 foot wide in residential areas, contains trees and other planted vegetation.

In commercial areas this strip can be between 4 and 6 feet wide, also containing plants and trees. These strips provide added safety for pedestrians when using sidewalks, in high traffic areas.

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Natural Granite Stone Pavers Colors

It is important for a person to truly understand how popular granite has become today in terms of its uses as an ideal building material. Granite is a volcanic rock formed over long periods of time by enormous pressure and heat. Once extracted from the various quarries, the granite is polished to create a smooth surface.

There are two key basic characteristics to note when learning about granite pavers. First, granite has an obvious crystalline look that creates a rare beautiful effect to the eye, and secondly, its various natural attributes enable the use of granite in both residential and commercial buildings all over the world.

The use of granite for constructing walkways, patios or pool coping is a perfectly good choice for its ability to create an aesthetically pleasing effect to the person who chooses to use it. It is this feature of granite material that has enticed many people to use it in wall and floor foundations.

Granite Pavers and their Range of Colors:

Granite pavers are used in the construction of walkways, patios, gardens and pool coping. They come in a huge variety of colors that it is quite impossible not to find the desired color of choice.

The four most common colors used for granite paving include black, yellow, rose, and gray. However, the broader color spectrum consists of hundreds of different colors to choose from. Some of these colors include counter white, majestic mauve, chateau le Rouge, classic crimson, maple red, etc.

The three essential element minerals of granite (feldspar, quartz, and mica) differ in proportions when extracted from the quarry. The difference in proportions of these elements influences the color, texture, and structural characteristics of granite. This is important when choosing the type and color of granite for your specific needs.

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Stone Paver

If you have plans on constructing a new patio, an outdoor pathway, steps, or even a drive way; you will need to use some form of paver to create the hard surface required for these jobs. Paver's are generally just hard blocks of area that are used to create surfaces - but depending on what type of paving you plan on having done, you should chose your surface accordingly. There are 3 main types to choose from.

The first and most popular type, are stone paver's. This type of paver is not man-made and is the resulting formation from millions of years of natural forces. Stone paver is typically mined at quarries, and can be obtained from a rock outcrop. Many people opt for this type of paver simply because it's easy to install - whereas other people will use stone paver so they can easily create a variety of unique, attractive flooring designs.

Your next two options are brick and concrete paver. These differ slightly from stone, in the sense that they are man-made. This type of paver is made by companies and factories who use methods of intense heating and melting to create the solid formations. Brick and concrete paver are well known for their durability and strength, and would be a good option if you are looking for a surface that maintains it's grip when wet - i.e. for use around swimming pools.

The differences between stone paver and other paver may seem subtle at first, but you should always use a type of paver that suits the design you want, your budget and your installation requirements. Again, most people will tend to choose a stone paver, as it is usually the most reliable and versatile. If you want to buy the best of stone pavers, contact our live chat or phone at the number above.

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Stone Pool Pavers and Their Shapes

Introduction to Pool Pavers

Pool pavers are an important part of your pool area. They need to comply with several common laws that state that pool pavers must be slip resistant. Most materials nowadays can be sealed to ensure that they are slip resistant, while some of them are naturally slip resistant.
You and your family will enjoy the many benefits of having a swimming pool in your own backyard. Adding striking and creative pool pavers to your pool flooring, decking and walkway that leads to the pool area will enhance the features of your swimming pool. They will also protect and keep your whole family safe.

Concrete, stone and brick are the three most common raw materials that are used for pool pavement applications. Concrete and brick pavers are man made products that can be produced in a variety of shapes. This is due to the fact that they are molded. Stone pavers are natural stones and quarried all around the world. They are mainly cut to basic shapes.

Types of Pool Pavers Shapes

Pool pavers are generally squared and rectangular in shape. Smooth edges and textured surfaces are most suited for pool pavers. Squared and rectangular pavers offer that! Shapes that can be included on pool flooring and decking’s are:


Patterns and Shapes

The shape of a paver plays a very important role in the laying patterns. The pavers shape actually dictates which type of laying pattern is possible. Some pavers such as the zigzagged shaped pavers create an interlocking pattern. Others that are shaped like squares are placed in patterns side by side.

Some of the most commonly used pool paver shapes today are the squared and rectangular. They are placed in simple patterns to create striking and casual affects. Diamonds shaped pavers are also commonly used around pool areas.

Irregular Shapes

Concrete, natural stone and brick pavers can all be used to create irregular shapes. Irregular shapes are shapes that are not uniform and each one is unique in shape. Irregular shapes can be used as stepping-stone to the entrance of your pool area. Irregular paver shapes can also be used to pave your pool decking. Irregular shapes can create effective patterns. They will also create beauty and enhance the features of your swimming pools area.  

Combining Shapes

Another effective option when it comes to your pool area is combine several different shaped pavers together. This can be very effective and you are creating your own individual and unique style.

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Why Natural Stone?

Why Natural Stone?

Whether you are building a new house or garden or just remodelling an existing home or garden, natural stone and reclaimed bricks create something beautiful and unique that is permanent and mellows over time, losing none of its characterful colour and texture. You are adding true value to your home.

Low maintenance
Natural stone is a key part of the main element of design in and around the home.  Low maintenance or no maintenance materials are the choice of home owners and buyers alike, and projects where natural stone and reclaimed bricks have been used help property values to be kept buoyant.

Wide range of colours
Externally natural stone is very versatile being used for paths and patios using paving and a wide range of colours, shapes and textures means there is a stone for every situation. It adds quality and beauty to its surroundings and sits comfortably in most situations.

Colour is an important aspect as it affects the overall look and mood of a space.  Heavily shaded areas would benefit from a lighter paving, whereas darker shades of natural stone would tone down an area which is very open and bright. There is a softness within its colour, which is pleasing to the eye and once laid will stay beautiful forever, no need to replace in future years as with concrete products.

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Building Materials

Granite is one of the oldest, most durable and most respected of building materials. Traditionally, it is the material chosen by both architects and engineers when performance, enduring colour and texture combined with complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance, are prime requirements. Each piece of granite is created deep in the earth from magma. It has a very dense grain which helps it endure the toughest of weather conditions whilst making its stain resistance one of the best in natural materials.

As a granite customer, do not expect uniformity, but rather to appreciate the everlasting and individual beauty of natural stone.

Most of our granite stock is reclaimed granite, however, we do stock various lengths of ‘new’ Granite Lintels-up to 3 metres in length, and Granite Gateposts. We can also order various items of new Portuguese granite including Granite Quoins, Cobbles/Setts, Steps and Troughs.

Granite Cobbles/Setts - Granite Cobbles/Setts can be used for paving Driveways, Paths and Yards also for Edging and Walling.

Cornwall County Council bought Cobbles from us which they used in the new pedestrian area in Launceston Town Centre, see photo gallery.

Granite Quoins - Granite Quoins come in various sizes.

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