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Leeca is a key supplier of quality stone and materials for sale to the trade and private customers.

Of course no individual is alike and so each of our customers sales requirements are different. This is where our extensive stone product range can provide each individual a superb choice of stone material.

Natural stone has come to symbolize style, prestige and a respect for history that is all too often missing in the modern stone world. Its appeal has endured for centuries and will continue long into the future.

Whether you are a retailer, landscaper, builder, interior designer or private customer, you will find our range of stone and paving products amazing.

Our stone products can be seen in properties throughout the country and our level of customer loyalty is testament to the value and quality of our sales, products and services.

The widespread revival in appreciation of natural stone which is taking place merits a further understanding of this beautiful stone material. Those who seek perfection in life should understand that the very imperfection of natural stone products i.e. colour and grain is one of its most beautiful features.

We hope this website gives you a taste of our product range and we look forward to hearing from you. Please also note that the best way to appreciate the quality and design of our products is to visit us at our main office and showroom, and we very much look forward to welcoming you.

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