Porphyry Stone Description

Porphyry is a volcanic rock originating from the ignimbrites and the consequence of an intense volcanic activity began about 260 million years ago and continued for many millions of years, with an alternation of eruptive phases and stasis.

Peculiarities of the porphyry is to present a natural surface of the quarry. It 'a kind of stone that can be used for different applications, ensuring consistent good results, even in complex projects from the architectural point of view, thanks to the wide range of colors combined with specific physical and mechanical : high tensile strength, compression, excellent chemical resistance, high sliding and rolling friction. The porphyry has always been used since antiquity for the construction and decoration of the streets and even today, for its natural roughness continues to be the preferred material for all types of flooring, including those subjected to constant and heavy traffic heavy. The red color cast, with punctuation pink, white and gray - both in the more commercial varieties of Trentino - the base color gray at which combine different shades of color from purple ocher. In addition to marketing the company also provides an important operational advice in the design and installation, assisting the client in all phases of pre and post sale.

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