Paving slabs and cobbles

Paving a road paving clinker or also known as paving slabs, pavers, paving, paving brick, paving brick is recognized as one of the best decorative materials for paving and improvement areas. Paving stone blocks and paving slabs of clinker for centuries practiced in Western Europe. Cobbles and paving slabs for paving deservedly popular among millions of homeowners and builders.

The advantages of clay paving tiles and pavers are not only excellent physical and mechanical properties and performance, but also that the paving bricks and paving slabs more in harmony with the natural landscape than other materials for road paving. Functional and aesthetic, ground clinker paving bricks and pavers are able to please the eye for a long time, the game design and color of pavement.

However, paving slabs and pavers is perfect not only for the paving of the landscape and park areas, but also for the formation of open space in front of representative buildings and structures: office and administrative facilities, shopping centers, exhibition halls, etc. Clay paving tiles and pavers for paving in such cases is a particularly good solution composition, if it is combined with the appearance of building facades and building and finishing materials, selected for their design. At the busy city streets paving bricks and paving tiles for paving helps to insulate the greenery from contact with vehicles and pedestrians, that is a unique oasis of green.

The advantages of the bridge road paving clinker bricks, paving blocks and paving slabs for paving are a not only its decorative qualities, but also the high level of functionality. For example, road paving and paving brick pavers can withstand high static and dynamic loads, thus paving bricks and paving slabs suitable for paving the territorial areas with heavy traffic and pedestrian traffic.

Paving bricks and paving slabs for paving has increased strength and this is achieved by firing technology at 1200C. The functionality of paving using this material as a road pavement sidewalk paving bricks and clinker paving slabs has also been achieved at the expense of such material properties as a high frost resistance, resistance to humidity and aggressive chemicals (salts, alkalis, etc.). The color of the bridge road paving clinker brick pavers, and does not change with time due to a uniform structure throughout the thickness.

It's no secret that the impression of the track paved with clinker, largely depends on the size of joints, as well as the shape and color of the brick. One thing is certain surface, paved with brick paving, creates a real harmony with the environment. That's why clinker pavement - is the only correct decision related to the improvement of areas around the cottage. Clinker brick paved surface of the track corresponds to the highest standards and thus move on a track is easy and pleasant, and not only walk, but also on the machine. Yes, it is paving bricks can withstand vehicles of varying severity. According to independent research, the deformation of clinker in either direction - either in vertical or horizontal - is negligible, even at very high load.

Paving stone blocks and paving sidewalk tile will bring you sheer pleasure!

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