Natural stone has always been a symbol of strength and durability

There are several main types of road surface: asphalt, solid concrete, concrete blocks and slabs, paving stones and, of course, paving slabs.

Since time immemorial, our ancestors paved road boulder - a naturally occurring stone, a form which gives nature. The main drawback of this method was that the boulders had a completely different form, it was difficult to put them close to each other, and because the process took a long time, and the road surface turned out to short-lived.

Natural stone has always been a symbol of strength and durability. And it is quite natural. Only after five centuries of exploitation of granite paving blocks it is possible to detect the first signs of aging. Not for nothing is called the eternal granite stone. However, with all its strength, granite is susceptible of mechanical and thermal treatment, a well-pricked, perfectly polished.

In European urban development of natural granite cobbles used everywhere, especially for the paving of the main streets, parks and squares.

Granite pavers are not only strong and durable material. Setts of natural stone has the highest aesthetic qualities, and therefore a sign of good taste, as well as wealth and prosperity.

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