Natural Stone Advantages

Almost every one of us was in a situation where our customer hesitates to question what I choose stone or other material. Why should I use with natural stone? - Often ask developers, architects, builders. It should help them decide. Here we offer 10 compelling arguments in favor of natural stone.


Stone - a product of nature, its individual properties defined way of creation and composition of minerals, of which it consists. 3 of every building material natural stone is incomparable situation. Each product is made of stone is a unique element that can be used along with other stone or other building material. Natural stone - is not consistent product batch manufacturing, it clearly shows the story of his birth.


Natural stone as a building material is almost the end product of nature itself. For its creation energy is needed, it involved only in production and obrobtsi.Vytraty energy while not as large as in the production of other building materials. Extraction of stone is happening in a relatively small quarries without the use of powerful vybuhiv.Nevykorystani dumps can be the basis for the reclamation of quarries or processed for practical everyday life (cobbles, gravel, conglomerate). A full cycle of production, processing and reclamation of nature does not lose anything .

3. Harmlessness

As a natural stone building material does not contain harmful ingredients. This can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, baths. It is fireproof, and in contact with fire, does not emit harmful substances. Before applying the stone usually requires no special chemical treatment of hazardous substances, coloring and more.


In the world there is material that has such a variety of colors and structures as natural stone. Different ways of processing the surface make this variety is almost unlimited. This architects, designers and designers have a wide choice that allows dopasuvaty material to the project, its nature and create the desired atmosphere. Optical and technical quality natural stone create extraordinary number of options for its use. Customers can always choose appropriate material among a wide variety of colors, structures and textures kamenyu.Tsya variety able to satisfy any aesthetic wishes.


Natural stone mined in large-blocks, which are manufacturing plants are cut to size. Size of stone slabs or billets is limited only by the size of the commodity unit and is independent of any standard parametriv.Format product of stone can be easily adapted to the requirements of an individual project. Thus, the stone can produce not only rectangular or square shape, but the products of any stone processing machines konfihuratsiyi.Suchasni can cut the curve line, cut inside the contours and more. This variability processing along with a variety of colors and stone structures you get unique and unique building products.


When the majority of building materials over time going to the dump, natural stone over time acquires a natural patina that does not destroy its beauty. Many of the stones, like good wine, with age becomes elegance and nobility. Besides caring for stone is simple and inexpensive. Even kilkasotlitni floor of stone can be polished again and return them to original appearance. Living Stone is extremely long. With proper design and implementation of a stone can be a thousand years.

7. Three-dimensionality

In slabs of stone can produce any three-dimensional shapes. By milling grooves and grooves on the surface of the stone, you can create an interesting play of light and shadows. Processed so that the stone is mounted on the facade, emphasizes the strength and power. Massive elements of natural stone, such as frames, cornices, props create a new aesthetic effects.


Independent studies have shown, if you look at the stone through the prism of time and 30-years and older, stone is more expensive than similar synthetic materials. The relatively high costs of purchase stone compensate material durability and low cost of cleaning and maintenance.


Natural stone is a very good conductor of heat and has the ability to keep it long. Elevations with stone absorb heat rays and preventing undesirable heating of the house. Tests showed that the costs of heating or air conditioning vysotnyhbudynkiv with stone facades are much lower than in the case of buildings, facades which are made of glass (100 - 150 kVt.hod/m2 for kam'yanyhfasadiv and 300 - 700 kVt.hod/m2 for facades of glass).


High compression strength for many kinds of natural stone is a stone called a pretext - the eternal material. Only some types of steel, production of which is quite costly, equal to the strength of natural stone. With its high strength, durability and low styralnosti stone shows itself perfectly to the floor. Floors made of granite or other hard wood even after decades of exploitation practically do not show signs of wear.

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  1. Great ideas i have got from your post. I want to renovate my bathroom with natural stone tiles but some hasitation in my mind so i d'nt do this. But i have no hesitation about it. Thanks for sharing...Stone Products