Granite is an igneous rock rich in silica

Granite (Italian granito, from lat. Granum - grain), is an igneous rock rich in silica. One of the most common rocks in the Earth's crust .Granite consists of potassium feldspar (orthoclase, Microcline), acid plagioclase (Albita, oligoklaza), quartz, and mica (biotite or muscovite), amphiboles and rare pyroxene.

The structure of granite usually crystalline, often porphyritic and gneissic banded. According to its physical and mechanical properties granite is a wonderful construction material. Ruggedness and density of granite, its broad texture capabilities (the ability to become mirror polished, with which the rainbow play of impregnated mica is visible; sculptural expressiveness of mat rough stone absorbing light) makes granite one of the basic material of monumental sculpture.

Granite is also used to make obelisks, columns and as a lining of different surfaces.

Setts of natural stone - is the most strong and durable material. Paving of sidewalk pavement is a necessary element of the city and park beautification. With pavers you can quickly create an unusual and very beautiful cover. On the surface, there are no puddles. The porosity of the stone allows moisture to evaporate freely penetrate and prevents the formation of a water-coated mirrors.

Cobbles available polnopilennoy (possible heat treatment of the front surface), chopped, sawn, chipped form.

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