Driveway Pavers in Oakland County

Driveway pavers Birmingham MI are important for getting your driveway smooth and functional. Michigan is known for it’s harsh winter’s, making driveway paving even more important. Freezing weather can give natural wear on certain materials. Pavers do not have this problem because they are resistant to the freeze and thaw cycles in Michigan. Homeowners are discovering why driveway pavers are the way to go when living in colder climates. Here are some of the advantages for driveway pavers in the Birmingham and Royal Oak MI areas.


Driveway pavers Royal Oak MI are one of the best materials to have in the Michigan climate because they are non-skip and non-slide. When the winter months hit, snow, sleet and freezing rain can delay motorists. Having driveway pavers in your driveway will put you back on the road. This material is resistant to skids and slides that are typically associated with snow and rain.

No Cracking

Other materials will crack and crumble. Driveway pavers do not crack due to weather conditions such as freeze and thaw cycles, leaving you will a material that will withstand the most sever climates. In the event that something does happen and unnatural forces lead to a crack or break in your driveway pavers, repairing them is very easy and more cost effective than other materials.

Visually Appealing

Stone pavers are some of the most visually appealing materials to use around your home. These pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them the perfect solution to complimenting any siding or patios that already exist on your property. Many homeowners choose to use their brick pavers as framework to for flowerbeds or landscaping focal points in their driveways.

Long Term Solution

Some materials have a life expectancy of a decade, where as driveway pavers have a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for a long-term solution for your driveway, these pavers are what you need. Pieces of the pavers can be repaired or replaced easily without having to reset or renovate your entire driveway. Driveway pavers also do not have to be cleaned like other materials. These pavers will stay clean by natural rainwater.

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