Cobble Stone Matting - Installation Hints

Installation Hints
Please note: Any colour and / or texture variations are a common occurrence and proof of a natural stone product.
> Ensure that all surfaces to be faced are clean and free of all loose material and dust.
> apply mats to a previously painted, sealed or coated surface. Specialist advice is to be sought for treatment of painted, sealed or coated surfaces prior to fixing matting.
> When placing the adhesive spread approximately 1/2 inch thick same size as mat.
It is very important to ensure that the adhesive penetrates the nylon mesh and covers the
entire back of the stone pieces. Press the stone mats into position and use a soft mallet to ensure spread of adhesive.
> Ensure that the adhesive being used is suitable for use with stone products and for the
particular application. I.E. Interior, Exterior, Water Feature etc.
> When using the matting for a water feature it is to ensure that the adhesive
used is suitable for immersion in water.

> Use a dry grout mix (3:1) and brush into mortar joints. Then use a light mist to set
the grout. This will help when cleaning the cobbles due to corrugations in the stone.
> Prior to grouting with a colour oxide, it is recommended that the natural stone is treated with a grout-release/sealant to prevent any colour oxides in the grout leeching into the stone pieces.
> It is recommended that the natural stone is sealed with a suitable sealant to protect the stone surface.
> Sealant should be re-applied as per recommendations of the manufacturer's guidelines.

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