Chinese Granite

Everything in the world invented by the Chinese.

No, of course, we know perfectly well that Edison invented the light bulb, black coffee - American Indians, and a Kalashnikov rifle - Mikhail Kalashnikov. But the fact remains that all the technological foundations of modern civilization laid down in ancient China. Paper and printing press, the compass and gunpowder, the construction of pipelines and oil production by drilling - all this could have been written "Made in China ".

Even if you've never been to China, you can close your eyes and in front of them at once arise legendary Shao-Lin monastery, a huge area of ​​the Tian-An-Myn, the sage Confucius and student demonstrations, and, of course, the Great Wall - the eternal symbol of the ancient empire.

On most of the Great Wall - the only man-made object that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth orbit, it is said and written about enough. Therefore, we turn our attention to the little piece - a place Badaling, 90 kilometers north of Beijing. This is important from the standpoint of fortification fortifications partitioned section of a mountain gorge, which led to the historic and cultural centers of the country. But for us it is interesting in itself, since it was built of granite. Granite from China ...

Today, granite is not doing walls, but it is - an excellent material for any other building and finishing works. Granite is a surprisingly strong, is simple in processing and, more importantly, incredibly handsome, and has a huge variety of colors.

About Chinese granite, we heard recently: about ten years ago. Meanwhile, the architects and sculptors around the world have long used it in their works. The central square in the English Leeds, a bench on the seafront in Ostend, Celtic crosssomewhere    in Ireland, the American Bridge: they all carry a part of the Great Wall. And of course, in China the stairs are not made ​​of concrete and asphalt pavements are not covered - they are made ​​from the same granite as the Wall in Badaling.

Of course, the age-old story is not enough for commercial success in the modern world. Why do Chinese granite so confident of his thronging the twin brothers from India, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece? This question has exactly two answers: the quality and price.

It would seem that what may be "quality "of the granite: rock, he is a stone? But for some reason one of the Great Wall of stone obtained from another - Berlin, and the third - a house that is collapsing after a snowfall. The secret here is as a stone - exactly to the size of granite slabs, if the same plate, they fit together nicely and securely. Opponents of Chinese granite, often refer to the unfortunate experience of its importation 3-4 years ago. Then the stumbling block was just a bad geometry of plates. However, growing by leaps and bounds the Chinese industry is not standing still. Instead of fighting with importing it improve its own processing technology.

Russian GOST 9480 allows a granite slab differed from each other along the length of ± 2 mm in thickness - ± 3 mm. This means that one party granite tile, you may get caught tiles with linear dimensions of 298 × 298 mm, thickness 23 mm, and with the dimensions 302 × 302 mm at a thickness of 17 mm. This further complicates the use of stone. China Granite also can withstand significantly higher (deviations for linear dimensions and thickness - ± 1 mm). The price of Chinese Granite approximately 2-3 times lower than the European and even Ukrainian counterpart.

The requirements of European standards even tougher: the tolerance of ± 2 millimeters. That is why Chinese Granite, unlike domestic, actively imported into the European market (especially in Germany), with shipments growing at 5-7 percent.

The same Standard 9479 regulates a number of other parameters, it is extremely important for the stone slabs, which are used in our severe weather conditions. Thus, the strength of tensile plates shall not be less than 3 MPa, water absorption - no more than 8%, abrasion - no worse than 2.2 g / s m ², a frost - 50 SSE.

Domestic manufacturers are working hard to meet these requirements, regularly claiming that granite from China is not adapted for the Russian climate, with its cold winters, high humidity and temperature variations.

To understand that this is not enough to compare the major features are well known to all Mansurovsky granite, granite kazahtanskogo Zheltau and his Chinese "soprenikov . " Comment on the data does not make sense - they speak for themselves.

At the same time Chinese Granite manages to be two or even more times cheaper than its competitors, who with one voice go on about "dumping prices "and "the need to support domestic manufacturers' demand to raise the import duties. But these assertions - a large proportion of guile. Back in 2001 the EU carried out an investigation into the export of granite from China to the European market, and found that it is not dumping. And any reasonable person realizes that the rise of import duties only harm domestic producers by depriving them of the competition - we clearly see this as an example of our automotive industry.

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