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Granite has always been noteworthy rock and today an opinion about him changed. It has long been used by people to build and now he also played a major role. Granite is used for interior and exterior. It is durable, sturdy and reliable. At low water absorption of granite, as it is resistant to frost and dirt. It is a beautiful stone, which has a nice color and uniform structure.

Granite Cobbles used for paving roads and sidewalks. This is an excellent material for landscape design. Gama variety of color, size, methods of working stone to create a paving stone with a real masterpiece.

Chipped stone blocks - it is stone, treated with six sides, which has the shape of a cube with uneven "ragged" edges. This type of pavement is transported in bulk or packed in big bags (shipping bags) by rail or road.

Sawn, chipped stone blocks beautifully combines the advantages of sawn and split blocks. It can be of two kinds. Do pavers sawn flat sides and chipped top and bottom. Or, "French" pavers, which has a sawn top and bottom sides and the side of the cleft. The top of heat-treated. The product is shipped on wooden pallets or in wooden boxes.

Border of granite is durable and strong. He has long maintained its original appearance. Due to the wide range of colors you can choose a border that will be perfectly combined with other materials used. Granite curb is used to separate sidewalks from roads, lanes and alleys of the lawn. Also used for decoration of fountains, flower beds, ponds, flower beds, which gives the exquisite beauty of the elements of landscape design.

Stairs, steps. When choosing a ladder both inside and outside of the granite is worth special attention. The granite stairs - a perfect combination of beauty and practicality. The staircase of granite is solid and elegant, it will beautify any room.

They are made of granite steps required length and thickness. The color scheme allows you to choose the right color of the stone, which will perfectly blend with the surrounding decor. Granite staircase suitable for private homes, and for installation in public places.

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