Porphyry Stone Products

Variety of Porphyry
There are many varieties of porphyry stones and their name is derived from the character of the phenocrysts (large crystals) in the groundmass. They are found in main classes of igneous rocks such as granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, and   peridotite.

Porphyry Tiles
Porphyry Pavers and Tiles are recommended for exterior paving applications, such as; patios, courtyards, walkways and driveways. They are ideal for outdoor paving because of slip, stain and acid resistant proprieties and a very low absorption rate.
Porphyry Tiles will create a brilliant look, combined in with various sizes pattern, usually in parallel lines pattern.

Random Porphyry Flagstone Tiles (Mosaic)
This product is the best value for money and is the most natural product. Random Flagstones or irregular Flagstones are suitable for outdoor projects like; patios, pathways, courtyards and portals.
Porphyry Flagstones are ideal for swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and verandas, its random pattern is highly textured although with proper installation creates a uniform surface finish.
Porphyry Cubes Cobblestones
Porphyry Cubes are the traditional and ancient product used for centuries in many patterns.
In the last few years this product has been used in many projects trough Australia and is to be the most popular style of Porphyry Paving used today.
There are three main sizes of Porphyry Cubes; each size is related to different traffic recommendations, from Pedestrian backyard path to Heavy Duty Shopping Centre Traffic.
Introducing the Colours of Porphyry Natural Stone Pavers
Porphyry is by nature a multi-coloured stone. So when looking at colour charts for various manufacturers, keep in mind that the colors should be looked at as a general appearance. It is often the case that Porphyry varies from stone to stone, because it is a natural stone. This is however what makes it such a unique paving material, with beautiful colour palettes available.
The colors of Porphyry are so versatile they can be matched to any existing or new pavers that they may accompany in your project. You can be guaranteed that every Porphyry Paver application will be different in colour shade from the next application, which ensures your installation will always be an original.
Using a combination of Porphyry colors can create an appealing contrast. Particularly if Porphyry Pavers are used with other stones, for example; two colors of Porphyry along with Marble, which can result in an elegant feature or centrepiece.
Leecastone Porphyry Stone Colours
The varied shades of red are the most common Porphyry colour. The red shades range from pink, to reddish to dark ochre. These reds usually contain speckles of white, pink, charcoal and sometimes orange, which alters the hue in certain areas. The finish on this colour shade is generally a natural cleft surface.
This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, brown purple and rust coloured hues. The speckles in this variety are generally white, pink, dark brown and clear; type of crystals. These translucent crystal specks create a dynamic appeal. Italian Porphyry usually presents these characteristics.
This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, purple and ruby red colored hues. The speckles of this variety are generally white and dark red. The surface is commonly rough.

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