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In our time, range of road construction materials is truly wide, because modern technology is not standing still, constantly offering consumers new products that can surprise even the most developed imagination. But no wonder they say that the classics never grow old, remaining relevant for many centuries and even millennia.

In this case, we will focus on the pavement - all well-known material for paving roads and sidewalks adjacent to buildings territories. Cobbles can make a special, unique look to any landscape - whether it is a small private garden near the house or a huge, beautiful park in the city center. In addition, it is perfect for paving sections of road and areas that carry a heavy load. Lined pavement, they not only acquire a European-elegant, well-groomed appearance, but can last for a long time without a major overhaul of the coating. A good example of this can serve as the Red Square in Moscow. Or we can recall many of the streets with areas in the old cities of Europe, whose coverage of the pavement survived for several centuries, almost losing his decorative and practical value.

Cobbles (or natural stone blocks) - the so-called stone material for road construction, which is made ​​of very strong rock, such as basalt, granite, marble and diabase. Natural stone paving blocks is (hence the name), shaped like a parallelepiped. Standard sizes of pavers: length from 15 to 30 cm, width from 9 to 15 cm in height from 10 to 16 cm.

The most common granite paving, which has gained popularity due to a favorable combination of low cost and excellent performance characteristics. It surpasses all known practical road-building materials for their strength and durability. Suffice it to recall buildings of ancient civilizations that used granite slabs for paving roads and squares around the king's palaces. To this day they came in almost its original form.

Of course, there is a paving stone, created by artificial means - for example, of concrete mixes. But believe me, nothing can compare to the reliability and beauty of natural stone pavers.

In addition to decorative and rugged, natural pavers can boast of such undoubted merits as a high resistance to temperature changes, vagaries of weather, severe stress and vibration. And the technology of laying pavers is fairly simple, and does not require any specific knowledge and skills. Cobbles are easy to clean and wash, and during the repairs, it can be easily how to handle and assemble again.

Also, would like to mention the ecological purity of the material: in hot weather coverage of the pavement is not softened and releases of hazardous substances to humans. You can not say about the widely circulated asphalt - it is already at an air temperature above 25 degrees Celsius, starts to produce volatile carcinogenic compounds that are harmful to health.

So, if you dream of well-ordered, well-kept plot, the design of small architectural forms - the tracks and platforms (for example, around ponds or gazebos) pavement will allow you to achieve a unique effect. Natural stone blocks not only gives your garden neat and stylish simplicity, but also fits naturally into the landscape - as one of its components. It should be noted that the pavement does not violate the natural water exchange between plants and does not prevent the ingress of water to the roots and air - as opposed to, say, from the same asphalt.

Not surprisingly, the granite pavers (although, like others of its species) was highly regarded in the past century, among the aristocracy. Indeed, thanks to her, on the tracks and adjacent areas mansions, never puddles remained, even after very heavy rain, and frost is not formed, even in extreme cold. (Even in those days, technology is laying pavers allow to achieve such results.) And if we talk about the beauty of this coverage and its high wear resistance, it is understandable why the cobbles as road-building material, has not handed over their positions and to this day.

It can be seen on ordinary city streets and central squares, pathways in gardens and courtyards luxurious suburban villas. Because due to its large external appeal - different colors and forms - it can make even the most daring ideas of architects and landscape designers.

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