Patio Pavers Ideas

The patio is a very important component of any landscape. Hence, it must attract attention besides being a functional outdoor space in your home. One of the best ways to add interest to the patio is through using pavers. There are a lot of interesting patio paver ideas that you can apply to create interest, life, and color to the patio itself and the rest of the landscape.

Double Soldier Course

This paver's design technique involves laying two rows of pavers either perpendicular or parallel to the edges. This technique works to form a border in the patio and can create an interest to break the monotony of regular patio paver's designs. This is one of the easiest patio ideas for pavers that you can consider.

In choosing the border pavers, you can pick pavers with the same color as the rest of the patio or choose a slightly different color. You can also use pavers that are a complete contrast to the rest of the patio.

Circle Kit

One of the most common yet most effective patio paver's ideas is a circle kit. You have to create a circular design either to the center or a prominent corner of the patio. You can also use the same color pavers as the rest of the patio but you can still experiment on other colors to add more interest to the space.

Paver Art

This is one of the most sophisticated of all patio paver's ideas that can be used for designing the space. There are a lot of paver suppliers that offer such kind of pavers. You can even request custom designs to match your personality and the rest of your landscape.

Seat Walls

For both interest and functionality, seat walls are indeed great patio paver's ideas. You can use coordinating blocks to create seat walls but you can also consider using natural stones. However, one tip you must not forget when creating seat walls is to always coordinate the size and color of the pavers with the rest of the patio.

Patterned Patio Pavers

The most common of all patterns is stretcher bond layout. Here, the pavers are simply laid from end to end using paver bricks. Then, the bricks in the consecutive line are aligned to the midpoints of the pavers in the preceding course.

There are a lot more other interesting patterns that you may consider in your patio pavers ideas. Some of them are basket weave, edge coursing, and herringbone. The latter offers a very dynamic appearance. A finished herringbone pattern resembles that of a zigzag course. On the other hand, a basket weave pattern is a layout that can speak of an Old English effect. Besides being a conservative patio style, this is a very strong layout that can even tolerate a heavier traffic.

Other Great Patio Paver Design Ideas

There are a lot of other patio ideas for pavers that you can consider when using pavers for the patio. In fact, a little play with the different sizes, shapes, and colors of pavers can already bring out good patio paver layouts.

For one, you can skip from traditional square or rectangular patios today. You can arrange the pavers in a circle, hexagon, or any other shape you wish just to create a unique element in the landscape.

Besides the shapes, you can also experiment on the use of pavers. For instance, you can leave open spaces when installing pavers so you can plant on them. Pavers and plants come great together to form a very interesting patio. These are great ideas that should be included in choosing your patio pavers.

Choosing among the patio pavers ideas can be a very difficult task for most homeowners as there are a lot of considerations to check out first to ensure patio ideas are carried out in the landscape. As a guide, make sure that the design you choose complements the rest of your landscape and is feasible for the function you are eyeing the patio for.

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