Natural Stone Granite

In the history of stone can be seen on the level of development of human culture. Knowing what types of stone used by man for his story, which will display the development of human culture.

Despite the fact that the recently developed and continues to develop industry of artificial stone, natural stone does not lose its value because it has high strength, durability and the best aesthetic qualities.

Centuries of experience in the use of natural stone has confirmed its high quality and its indispensability in the wall surfaces both outside and inside. The right mix of granite and synthetic materials, their use is good for finishing the interior and exterior provide great opportunities for interesting and original design solutions.

Before the designers of the task to reconcile the natural and artificial stone. Proper selection of stone color and pattern, the combination of textures of stone and tile cladding allow selection of miracles. New methods and tools facing improve the quality and pace of work.

Granite - a rock - significant in terms of accumulation of minerals in the earth's crust, with more or less constant composition. Granite is a plutonic rocks - rocks formed deep in the earth's crust at a slow uniform cooling of the magma and high pressure, which provided the upper layers of the earth. In connection with these terms and conditions in the rock formed granular crystalline structure.

Granite consists of quartz (20-40%), orthoclase (40-70%) and mica (5-20%). The color of granite is determined by the color of orthoclase. The average density of granite 2600-2800 kg / m ³. The limit of its compressive strength of 100-280 MPa. Abrasion of solid natural stone - granite - 0,05-0,78 g / cm ². Bulk water saturation - 0,14-0,44%.

Fine-grained granite wear out evenly, they are weatherproof, better resistance to mechanical stress. In the construction of the granite are durable and frost due to the low moisture absorption and low porosity. Granites fine grinding and polishing are served. Used in the form of piece goods for the cladding of buildings inside and out, laying roads and grounds, and for the manufacture of other products.

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