Laying pavers

Laying pavers

Sidewalk pavers - a material very suitable for the device paths, sidewalks, rides on private plots, and for the entire unit blocks and squares.

The advantages of pavers

Cobbles now gained immense popularity due to its technical qualities, ease of installation and good appearance. Cobbles - is an artificial stone material, which has high abrasion resistance and durability, frost resistance and durability. Cobbles - an environmentally friendly material.

On the surface of the pavers will never puddles, all the water goes through the seams. In contrast to the asphalt paving pavement more durable and will not deform or by mechanical action, or for any atmospheric influences: cold, sun and heat. Sidewalk or path of the pavers will not crack, because it consists of many elements.

Cobbles to cover the various forms of complex and intricate paths and sidewalks. A variety of shapes and colors makes it possible to implement a variety of design ideas.

Technology laying pavers is simple and eliminates the need for a heavy construction equipment. In general we can see the benefits more than enough.

Laying pavers

The first stage - the preparation of the site, it will depend on the smoothness of the surface durability of the paving blocks. Area must be carefully and accurately align the required level, if necessary, to make the necessary gradients. If the soil is not sufficiently stable, it is recommended to use the so-called geosynthetic materials, and simply different grids, which will create a reinforcing layer. Area thoroughly and evenly tamped, using plate compactors.

To lay the pavers to create a base - underlay. The thickness of the underlayment should be about 2 - 5 inches, making it out of the sand (particle size 2 - 4 mm.), Or with fine gravel (2 - 5 mm.) Or a mixture of gravel and sand, with particle size and up to 5 mm. Elements which are more than a heavy load to be mounted on a cement mortar or concrete , it may be steps, transitions, borders that take on the burden of covering the edges and so on.

The next stage of laying the very paving stones. When laying the necessary clearance osstavlyat desired size and use the cord to check the evenness of packing along. Evenness of pavement height at installation can be adjusted by adding sand to the underlay. After laying the paving pavement surface thrombus compactors, thereby compacting and leveling it.

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