Granite paving

Cobbles - is strong and durable material, which has become in recent years is very prestigious. With pavers you can quickly create an unusual and very beautiful road surface. Offices, houses and cottages, which paved area around the pavement, get a European look. Cobbles - is the perfect cover for the device patios and walkways in the country, in the garden.

Granite cobbles of varied forms. Conventionally, this diversity can be divided into three groups: the chipped stone blocks , sawn, split and sawn on all sides by stone blocks (mostly one-way treat a fire). The most inexpensive type of granite pavers - chipped stone blocks . Then sawn-chipped cobbles, and after it the most expensive - sawn pavers.

pavers and decorative aesthetic: a variety of shapes and a variety of colors, saturation, which is not lost with time;
excellent physical and chemical properties: high strength, minimal water absorption, increased frost resistance;
on the cobblestones of puddles are not formed, as water seeps into the joints between the tiles, and does not accumulate on the surface of the pavement.
one of the most tangible benefits of paving asphalt and the front is the possibility of removal during excavation. Upon completion of all of the same pavement is laid back.
ecology: a coating does not soften when heated and does not emit harmful volatile products.

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