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Granite paving stone - a great choice for flooring since ancient times. For many centuries, granite pavers used not only as a building material, but also as a beautiful decorative element. Setts of natural granite and gabbro has several advantages over any other material such as marble, limestone or concrete, as far superior to their ability to withstand aggressive atmospheric processes, regular temperature changes, pressure changes and shock. The significance of these effects has increased many times over the past few years, so the granite paving is particularly in demand right now.

Setts of natural granite - it is durable and highly artistic road construction material used for paving roads, sidewalks, squares and perfectly suitable for paving, grounds and landscaping at the suburban site.

The advantage of paving blocks made ​​of natural granite and gabbro is a combination of characteristics such as:

Durability - Stay on the pavement service life 50 years since the TU frost granite is very high, and low abrasion. Granite paving is highly resistant to mechanical, chemical, and due to environmental influences.

Convenience - on the surface there are no puddles. The presence of gaps allows moisture to evaporate freely penetrate and prevents the formation of a water-coated mirrors. Granite paving is suitable for masonry size and shape.

Maintainability - when the need for repair work (eg, installation of underground utilities, etc.) to a granite paving the way it is easy to disassemble, to undertake the necessary work and put her own again. Paving is recommended to use in an urban environment in locations proleganiya underground utilities.

Economy - granite pavers economically beneficial, as is also the building material and decorative element, having a different shape, color schemes and you can use to create a unique personalized design. Granite paving stones can be used repeatedly as it withstands many years of repeated use and styling.

The impression of a paved roadway or area is largely dependent on the size, color and shape itself pavers, as well as on the size of the seam between the stacked stones. A surface paved with granite paving stones, creates harmony with the surrounding area. Therefore, granite paving stone blocks are often used to solve problems related to the improvement of areas around the houses and country cottages. Cobbled surface corresponded to all construction and engineering requirements, so it is easy to move around and comfortable, not only to pedestrians, and cars. Granite cobbles of varying severity can withstand transportation from bicycles to heavy trucks.

Our product range is represented by granite paving in various colors, sizes and types of treatment - stab, stab-sawn, sawn. The main colors of natural stone used for the manufacture of paving blocks - gray, brown, black and red.

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