Granite pavers. Stab, cut.

Granite paving is the original production it on today's construction market. Manufacturers have recognized the need for a lightweight granite stone blocks, which can be used in construction work for a paving stone blocks, laying garden paths. They offer a product from lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. The advantage of granite paving stones become a significant reduction in weight compared to natural stone, at the same time, paving, paving slabs used on vertical surfaces longer than the original stone. Aesthetic standards of natural stone are stored in a concrete pavement, which allows you to use the last as a full substitute. Other types of construction in order to include the laying of granite pavers in the condition of residential buildings, construction of fireplaces and accent the interior walls in homes, restaurants and other commercial buildings.

Preparations for the installation of granite pavers

First of all, you need to make calculations of building material you can use the services of Granite St. Petersburg on the drafting and calculating the number of blocks. Choose high-quality granite paving stones - it comes in different sizes, shapes, textures and colors - Put it next to the workstation so that you can use it at work. Mix the mortar in the specialized tray or a wheelbarrow with a shovel. The solution should be moist but hard to direct use. You can add coloring to the solution, if there is a need for the project. Use a mason trowel to spread the solution onto the surface of the connecting walkway. The thickness of the solution should be from ½ to ¾ inch. Do not use the solution more than you can lay granite paving stones, to direct drying, after which he will be unfit for work.

Laying granite pavers

Start by laying granite paving stones from the top down, this decision will prevent premature wetting solution on the rocks in the workplace. Lay granite paving, the joints between them should be narrow, not more than half a centimeter, to create a natural effect. Stones are firmly pressed, add an additional amount of the solution if necessary. Exert pressure on the pavement to provide reliable communication with the solution. It is recommended to start laying pavers with a corners, alternating long and short positions in the workplace. Then apply a solution and follow to the center of the workspace. Focus on maintaining a consistent connection.

Cutting the granite pavers

Cutting, shaping and finishing of granite bruscha weave passes through building pliers, hatchet or wet masonry saw blade. Use small pieces of litter and recycled pavers to fill the gaps between large stones. Use suitable respirator and eye protection during cutting of the granite pavers. If the solution has become sufficiently dry, leaving an exact impression of the thumb, it's time for a jointer. You can use a thin layer of solution addition. Apply the solution to the seams of granite paving blocks, then use the tool for jointing align the joints between the stones. Remove any excess solution, if necessary. Make a professionally finished seams masonry. Drying time of the solution will vary depending on the manufacturer.

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