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"Everything on Earth is afraid of time, but even time fears the Pyramids" - says a famous aphorism. How many works of human hands has gone into oblivion, mercilessly destroyed by the changing nature! Wood rots, iron rusts, and only natural stone proudly watching this impermanent world for thousands of years! There is on earth more durable and reliable natural material. And of all types of stones known symbol of strength has always been a granite.

Granite starts to detect the first signs of the destruction of more than 500 years, so no wonder it is called "eternal" stone. Granite lends itself to all kinds of mechanical and thermal treatment, has low water absorption, high resistance to frost and dirt, rugged, durable, environmentally clean, well split and accepts high quality polishing.

The use of granite in modern construction is so widely used that it is, without exaggeration, be called a universal material. Granite is widely used for facade and interior decoration, with granite, you can create unique, decorative elements of landscape design. That is why the products of the company "Red Stone" is necessary for everyone who wants to touch the "Eternity."
The growing need for a spectacular and prestigious design inspired us to produce granite pavers chipped. After all, this material meets all the requirements of the construction of art and decoration.
Today, more and more citizens, as well as commercial and government organizations who care about practicality, solidity and respectability of their pavements, are turning to natural stone products made of natural granite. The company Leecastone produces granite paving puncture in high-tech equipment.

Manufactured by our company products:
The granite blocks are widely used and is in demand from our partners involved in stone-working.
Granite paving stone chipped indispensable in landscape design: for paving roads, sidewalks and art installation of sidewalks, plazas, sidewalks, parking lots and arrangement of adjoining areas.
Granite bottles are widely used in the construction of bridges, embankments, roads, thanks to its mineral properties and environmental safety.
Advantages chipped granite pavers to other paving:
- Strength and durability
Setts of natural granite has a more rigid structure compared with other materials (not less than 100 MPa, frost 100), which is important in our climatic conditions, tolerates temperature extremes, and with proper installation is much longer than other coatings.
In addition, under natural climatic heating pavement does not soften and retain their mechanical properties. The service life of pavement at least 250 years old.
Granite, unlike marble, does not require additional protection from mechanical damage and exposure to acidic liquids.
- Environmentally friendly
Unlike asphalt, pavers does not emit harmful volatile substances, and does not violate the natural need of greenery in the gas and water exchange, which favorably affects the appearance and health of citizens. On the pavement puddles do not stick, but it is very important for pedestrians. Plus excluded rising water tables.
- Facilities for repair
When the need for repair work (eg installation of underground utilities, etc.), paving tiles can be easily dismantled, to undertake the necessary work and put her own again. A prosyadet - take a short, spiked soil and restore the finish. Paving is recommended to use in an urban environment in locations proleganiya underground utilities.
- Aesthetics
The color scheme of the tiles may be varied, and color saturation with time is not lost. The pattern on the stone is never repeated, which makes the road surface uniqueness and prestige.
- Cost
The cost of paving stone blocks are not much more expensive than asphalt. However, due to the strength and durability, it does not require frequent repairs and upgrades. After a year of operation, the price difference will be covered. And in the future operational costs will be 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than that of asphalt.

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