Cobbles is a truly high quality and durable material

Cobbles is a material made ​​from solid rock. Pieces of stone attached to the form of a parallelogram or a cube, so that when paving the road could create a flat surface. Since ancient times, stone blocks used to build the streets of European cities and settlements of Ancient Rus. Even today, paving has not lost its relevance, and is used along with other building materials.

For the manufacture of paving blocks are used only solid and durable rocks such as diabase, granite and basalt. Pavers, made from such material is not subject to natural events and sudden changes in temperature. Unlike asphalt, for which the ingress of moisture into the cracks death, paving is not afraid to completely wet and cold weather, moisture, ranked among the stones paving stones, smoothly goes into the soil without damaging the surface and leaving out dry. The hardness and durability of stone paving provide an amazing strength enough to remember the Red Square, which was paved with cobblestones for a long time and still retains its original condition.

Cobbles favorably with monolithic coating that, if necessary, can be easily disassembled without damage to components. This makes the paving material is very relevant in a constantly changing modern city. If the damage is a separate part of the pavement, a broken piece can be easily dismantled and replaced, with the surrounding surface in no way be affected. Unlike asphalt, which is a heterogeneous mixture that contains, among other things a variety of harmful substances, pavement is completely natural, environmentally friendly material. Cobbles freely passes into the soil moisture and allows it to breathe, which is very positive impact on the environment.

Nowadays, there are several ways to produce blocks. Flat and smooth pavement is made using special materials and is typically used for paving roads near large companies and government agencies. This reflects the solidity of stone blocks, and high social status of the owner of a private house or a company. Cobbles, which has an uneven top surface, is often used in the design, to give the natural environment of the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Cobbles is a truly high quality and durable material for those who appreciate style and sophistication along with practical features. The high popularity of pavers just once again proves its indispensability in modern urban and suburban construction.

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