Choosing stone tiles

Leeca offers a great range of stone tiles selected for quality and value for money. You probably already have some idea of what you’re after but it might be worth noting the following basic choices when buying stone tiles as it may help you to reach a decision.

Colour – There is a great deal of choice in terms of colour and different stones have differing degrees of variation as part of their natural character. Some stone tiles for example are very ‘clean’ in appearance with only slight variation in shading. Brazilian black slate tiles are very consistent with gentle differences in shade within and between each tile. Other stone tiles are characterised by huge variations in colour – the point here is that when choosing stone tiles think about whether you like variation or consistency in your stone.

Remember you can’t ‘make’ the stone tiles fit in with a preconceived idea of what colour you require- it’s more a matter of understanding the true nature of the materials.

The ‘finish’ – This is another basic distinction to make. Do you want smooth or textured surfaces, softened or dead straight edges for you stone tiles?

We have given a description for all of our stone tiles so you can quickly browse to the stone tiles which are of interest to you. The ‘ Honed ‘ and ‘ polished ‘ stone tiles will have straight edges whilst ‘ tumbled ‘ or ‘ aged’ products will have a softened edge and textured face of tile having been deliberately abraded or ‘ tumbled ‘ as part of the production process.

Sizes- for any particular stone tiles there are usually a number of options in terms of sizes available. Think about whether you like squares, rectangles or mixed sizes.

With luck you can now narrow down your choice of stone tiles in terms of colour, finished, size and shape.

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