Why choose Porphyry Stone

An impressive history of proven durability
For many centuries cultures around the world have used Porphyry Stone when their constructions required both beauty and durability. The Romans built their highways with it. Some are still visible today but most have disappeared. Not because they were worn and crumbling, just the opposite - due to their amazing strength and beauty people scavenged them after Rome’s fall for their homes and town squares. It’s this durability that makes it perfect for paving pedestrian walkways, recreational areas, town squares and roads.

Resistance to wear
Due to its high compression breaking point porphyry stone resists wear, resists chemicals and can withstand high temperature variations.

Due to it’s resistance to wear porphyry pavers don’t lose their naturally textured surface. This means in wet conditions porphyry stone doesn’t become slippery. This high slip-resistance makes porphyry stone perfect for shared zones such as public and council projects.

Low Maintenance, Stain resistant
Australian porphyry stone needs almost no on-going maintenance. This fact together with its long life span makes it a cost-effective long term paving choice.

Modern Porphyry Applications around the world
Porphyry has paved many of the most beautiful squares in Europe, America and the world over. To mention but a few of them - the Olympic Stadium in Munich; Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles; the main square in Frankfurt; the Hope Collection in Santa Fe; the underground and market square in Paris; the Military Cemetery in Hawaii;   Kennedy Airport in New York and the central square in Geddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Natural Stone Granite

In the history of stone can be seen on the level of development of human culture. Knowing what types of stone used by man for his story, which will display the development of human culture.

Despite the fact that the recently developed and continues to develop industry of artificial stone, natural stone does not lose its value because it has high strength, durability and the best aesthetic qualities.

Centuries of experience in the use of natural stone has confirmed its high quality and its indispensability in the wall surfaces both outside and inside. The right mix of granite and synthetic materials, their use is good for finishing the interior and exterior provide great opportunities for interesting and original design solutions.

Before the designers of the task to reconcile the natural and artificial stone. Proper selection of stone color and pattern, the combination of textures of stone and tile cladding allow selection of miracles. New methods and tools facing improve the quality and pace of work.

Granite - a rock - significant in terms of accumulation of minerals in the earth's crust, with more or less constant composition. Granite is a plutonic rocks - rocks formed deep in the earth's crust at a slow uniform cooling of the magma and high pressure, which provided the upper layers of the earth. In connection with these terms and conditions in the rock formed granular crystalline structure.

Granite consists of quartz (20-40%), orthoclase (40-70%) and mica (5-20%). The color of granite is determined by the color of orthoclase. The average density of granite 2600-2800 kg / m ³. The limit of its compressive strength of 100-280 MPa. Abrasion of solid natural stone - granite - 0,05-0,78 g / cm ². Bulk water saturation - 0,14-0,44%.

Fine-grained granite wear out evenly, they are weatherproof, better resistance to mechanical stress. In the construction of the granite are durable and frost due to the low moisture absorption and low porosity. Granites fine grinding and polishing are served. Used in the form of piece goods for the cladding of buildings inside and out, laying roads and grounds, and for the manufacture of other products.

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Products made of granite

Granite has always been noteworthy rock and today an opinion about him changed. It has long been used by people to build and now he also played a major role. Granite is used for interior and exterior. It is durable, sturdy and reliable. At low water absorption of granite, as it is resistant to frost and dirt. It is a beautiful stone, which has a nice color and uniform structure.

Granite Cobbles used for paving roads and sidewalks. This is an excellent material for landscape design. Gama variety of color, size, methods of working stone to create a paving stone with a real masterpiece.

Chipped stone blocks - it is stone, treated with six sides, which has the shape of a cube with uneven "ragged" edges. This type of pavement is transported in bulk or packed in big bags (shipping bags) by rail or road.

Sawn, chipped stone blocks beautifully combines the advantages of sawn and split blocks. It can be of two kinds. Do pavers sawn flat sides and chipped top and bottom. Or, "French" pavers, which has a sawn top and bottom sides and the side of the cleft. The top of heat-treated. The product is shipped on wooden pallets or in wooden boxes.

Border of granite is durable and strong. He has long maintained its original appearance. Due to the wide range of colors you can choose a border that will be perfectly combined with other materials used. Granite curb is used to separate sidewalks from roads, lanes and alleys of the lawn. Also used for decoration of fountains, flower beds, ponds, flower beds, which gives the exquisite beauty of the elements of landscape design.

Stairs, steps. When choosing a ladder both inside and outside of the granite is worth special attention. The granite stairs - a perfect combination of beauty and practicality. The staircase of granite is solid and elegant, it will beautify any room.

They are made of granite steps required length and thickness. The color scheme allows you to choose the right color of the stone, which will perfectly blend with the surrounding decor. Granite staircase suitable for private homes, and for installation in public places.

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Granite Pavers

Granite paving stone - a great choice for flooring since ancient times. For many centuries, granite pavers used not only as a building material, but also as a beautiful decorative element. Setts of natural granite and gabbro has several advantages over any other material such as marble, limestone or concrete, as far superior to their ability to withstand aggressive atmospheric processes, regular temperature changes, pressure changes and shock. The significance of these effects has increased many times over the past few years, so the granite paving is particularly in demand right now.

Setts of natural granite - it is durable and highly artistic road construction material used for paving roads, sidewalks, squares and perfectly suitable for paving, grounds and landscaping at the suburban site.

The advantage of paving blocks made ​​of natural granite and gabbro is a combination of characteristics such as:

Durability - Stay on the pavement service life 50 years since the TU frost granite is very high, and low abrasion. Granite paving is highly resistant to mechanical, chemical, and due to environmental influences.

Convenience - on the surface there are no puddles. The presence of gaps allows moisture to evaporate freely penetrate and prevents the formation of a water-coated mirrors. Granite paving is suitable for masonry size and shape.

Maintainability - when the need for repair work (eg, installation of underground utilities, etc.) to a granite paving the way it is easy to disassemble, to undertake the necessary work and put her own again. Paving is recommended to use in an urban environment in locations proleganiya underground utilities.

Economy - granite pavers economically beneficial, as is also the building material and decorative element, having a different shape, color schemes and you can use to create a unique personalized design. Granite paving stones can be used repeatedly as it withstands many years of repeated use and styling.

The impression of a paved roadway or area is largely dependent on the size, color and shape itself pavers, as well as on the size of the seam between the stacked stones. A surface paved with granite paving stones, creates harmony with the surrounding area. Therefore, granite paving stone blocks are often used to solve problems related to the improvement of areas around the houses and country cottages. Cobbled surface corresponded to all construction and engineering requirements, so it is easy to move around and comfortable, not only to pedestrians, and cars. Granite cobbles of varying severity can withstand transportation from bicycles to heavy trucks.

Our product range is represented by granite paving in various colors, sizes and types of treatment - stab, stab-sawn, sawn. The main colors of natural stone used for the manufacture of paving blocks - gray, brown, black and red.

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Choosing stone tiles

Leeca offers a great range of stone tiles selected for quality and value for money. You probably already have some idea of what you’re after but it might be worth noting the following basic choices when buying stone tiles as it may help you to reach a decision.

Colour – There is a great deal of choice in terms of colour and different stones have differing degrees of variation as part of their natural character. Some stone tiles for example are very ‘clean’ in appearance with only slight variation in shading. Brazilian black slate tiles are very consistent with gentle differences in shade within and between each tile. Other stone tiles are characterised by huge variations in colour – the point here is that when choosing stone tiles think about whether you like variation or consistency in your stone.

Remember you can’t ‘make’ the stone tiles fit in with a preconceived idea of what colour you require- it’s more a matter of understanding the true nature of the materials.

The ‘finish’ – This is another basic distinction to make. Do you want smooth or textured surfaces, softened or dead straight edges for you stone tiles?

We have given a description for all of our stone tiles so you can quickly browse to the stone tiles which are of interest to you. The ‘ Honed ‘ and ‘ polished ‘ stone tiles will have straight edges whilst ‘ tumbled ‘ or ‘ aged’ products will have a softened edge and textured face of tile having been deliberately abraded or ‘ tumbled ‘ as part of the production process.

Sizes- for any particular stone tiles there are usually a number of options in terms of sizes available. Think about whether you like squares, rectangles or mixed sizes.

With luck you can now narrow down your choice of stone tiles in terms of colour, finished, size and shape.

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Granite paving

Cobbles - is strong and durable material, which has become in recent years is very prestigious. With pavers you can quickly create an unusual and very beautiful road surface. Offices, houses and cottages, which paved area around the pavement, get a European look. Cobbles - is the perfect cover for the device patios and walkways in the country, in the garden.

Granite cobbles of varied forms. Conventionally, this diversity can be divided into three groups: the chipped stone blocks , sawn, split and sawn on all sides by stone blocks (mostly one-way treat a fire). The most inexpensive type of granite pavers - chipped stone blocks . Then sawn-chipped cobbles, and after it the most expensive - sawn pavers.

pavers and decorative aesthetic: a variety of shapes and a variety of colors, saturation, which is not lost with time;
excellent physical and chemical properties: high strength, minimal water absorption, increased frost resistance;
on the cobblestones of puddles are not formed, as water seeps into the joints between the tiles, and does not accumulate on the surface of the pavement.
one of the most tangible benefits of paving asphalt and the front is the possibility of removal during excavation. Upon completion of all of the same pavement is laid back.
ecology: a coating does not soften when heated and does not emit harmful volatile products.

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Cobbles is a truly high quality and durable material

Cobbles is a material made ​​from solid rock. Pieces of stone attached to the form of a parallelogram or a cube, so that when paving the road could create a flat surface. Since ancient times, stone blocks used to build the streets of European cities and settlements of Ancient Rus. Even today, paving has not lost its relevance, and is used along with other building materials.

For the manufacture of paving blocks are used only solid and durable rocks such as diabase, granite and basalt. Pavers, made from such material is not subject to natural events and sudden changes in temperature. Unlike asphalt, for which the ingress of moisture into the cracks death, paving is not afraid to completely wet and cold weather, moisture, ranked among the stones paving stones, smoothly goes into the soil without damaging the surface and leaving out dry. The hardness and durability of stone paving provide an amazing strength enough to remember the Red Square, which was paved with cobblestones for a long time and still retains its original condition.

Cobbles favorably with monolithic coating that, if necessary, can be easily disassembled without damage to components. This makes the paving material is very relevant in a constantly changing modern city. If the damage is a separate part of the pavement, a broken piece can be easily dismantled and replaced, with the surrounding surface in no way be affected. Unlike asphalt, which is a heterogeneous mixture that contains, among other things a variety of harmful substances, pavement is completely natural, environmentally friendly material. Cobbles freely passes into the soil moisture and allows it to breathe, which is very positive impact on the environment.

Nowadays, there are several ways to produce blocks. Flat and smooth pavement is made using special materials and is typically used for paving roads near large companies and government agencies. This reflects the solidity of stone blocks, and high social status of the owner of a private house or a company. Cobbles, which has an uneven top surface, is often used in the design, to give the natural environment of the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Cobbles is a truly high quality and durable material for those who appreciate style and sophistication along with practical features. The high popularity of pavers just once again proves its indispensability in modern urban and suburban construction.

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Granite pavers. Stab, cut.

Granite paving is the original production it on today's construction market. Manufacturers have recognized the need for a lightweight granite stone blocks, which can be used in construction work for a paving stone blocks, laying garden paths. They offer a product from lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. The advantage of granite paving stones become a significant reduction in weight compared to natural stone, at the same time, paving, paving slabs used on vertical surfaces longer than the original stone. Aesthetic standards of natural stone are stored in a concrete pavement, which allows you to use the last as a full substitute. Other types of construction in order to include the laying of granite pavers in the condition of residential buildings, construction of fireplaces and accent the interior walls in homes, restaurants and other commercial buildings.

Preparations for the installation of granite pavers

First of all, you need to make calculations of building material you can use the services of Granite St. Petersburg on the drafting and calculating the number of blocks. Choose high-quality granite paving stones - it comes in different sizes, shapes, textures and colors - Put it next to the workstation so that you can use it at work. Mix the mortar in the specialized tray or a wheelbarrow with a shovel. The solution should be moist but hard to direct use. You can add coloring to the solution, if there is a need for the project. Use a mason trowel to spread the solution onto the surface of the connecting walkway. The thickness of the solution should be from ½ to ¾ inch. Do not use the solution more than you can lay granite paving stones, to direct drying, after which he will be unfit for work.

Laying granite pavers

Start by laying granite paving stones from the top down, this decision will prevent premature wetting solution on the rocks in the workplace. Lay granite paving, the joints between them should be narrow, not more than half a centimeter, to create a natural effect. Stones are firmly pressed, add an additional amount of the solution if necessary. Exert pressure on the pavement to provide reliable communication with the solution. It is recommended to start laying pavers with a corners, alternating long and short positions in the workplace. Then apply a solution and follow to the center of the workspace. Focus on maintaining a consistent connection.

Cutting the granite pavers

Cutting, shaping and finishing of granite bruscha weave passes through building pliers, hatchet or wet masonry saw blade. Use small pieces of litter and recycled pavers to fill the gaps between large stones. Use suitable respirator and eye protection during cutting of the granite pavers. If the solution has become sufficiently dry, leaving an exact impression of the thumb, it's time for a jointer. You can use a thin layer of solution addition. Apply the solution to the seams of granite paving blocks, then use the tool for jointing align the joints between the stones. Remove any excess solution, if necessary. Make a professionally finished seams masonry. Drying time of the solution will vary depending on the manufacturer.

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Porphyry Stone Products

Variety of Porphyry
There are many varieties of porphyry stones and their name is derived from the character of the phenocrysts (large crystals) in the groundmass. They are found in main classes of igneous rocks such as granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, and   peridotite.

Porphyry Tiles
Porphyry Pavers and Tiles are recommended for exterior paving applications, such as; patios, courtyards, walkways and driveways. They are ideal for outdoor paving because of slip, stain and acid resistant proprieties and a very low absorption rate.
Porphyry Tiles will create a brilliant look, combined in with various sizes pattern, usually in parallel lines pattern.

Random Porphyry Flagstone Tiles (Mosaic)
This product is the best value for money and is the most natural product. Random Flagstones or irregular Flagstones are suitable for outdoor projects like; patios, pathways, courtyards and portals.
Porphyry Flagstones are ideal for swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and verandas, its random pattern is highly textured although with proper installation creates a uniform surface finish.
Porphyry Cubes Cobblestones
Porphyry Cubes are the traditional and ancient product used for centuries in many patterns.
In the last few years this product has been used in many projects trough Australia and is to be the most popular style of Porphyry Paving used today.
There are three main sizes of Porphyry Cubes; each size is related to different traffic recommendations, from Pedestrian backyard path to Heavy Duty Shopping Centre Traffic.
Introducing the Colours of Porphyry Natural Stone Pavers
Porphyry is by nature a multi-coloured stone. So when looking at colour charts for various manufacturers, keep in mind that the colors should be looked at as a general appearance. It is often the case that Porphyry varies from stone to stone, because it is a natural stone. This is however what makes it such a unique paving material, with beautiful colour palettes available.
The colors of Porphyry are so versatile they can be matched to any existing or new pavers that they may accompany in your project. You can be guaranteed that every Porphyry Paver application will be different in colour shade from the next application, which ensures your installation will always be an original.
Using a combination of Porphyry colors can create an appealing contrast. Particularly if Porphyry Pavers are used with other stones, for example; two colors of Porphyry along with Marble, which can result in an elegant feature or centrepiece.
Leecastone Porphyry Stone Colours
The varied shades of red are the most common Porphyry colour. The red shades range from pink, to reddish to dark ochre. These reds usually contain speckles of white, pink, charcoal and sometimes orange, which alters the hue in certain areas. The finish on this colour shade is generally a natural cleft surface.
This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, brown purple and rust coloured hues. The speckles in this variety are generally white, pink, dark brown and clear; type of crystals. These translucent crystal specks create a dynamic appeal. Italian Porphyry usually presents these characteristics.
This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, purple and ruby red colored hues. The speckles of this variety are generally white and dark red. The surface is commonly rough.

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Paving Stone

In our time, range of road construction materials is truly wide, because modern technology is not standing still, constantly offering consumers new products that can surprise even the most developed imagination. But no wonder they say that the classics never grow old, remaining relevant for many centuries and even millennia.

In this case, we will focus on the pavement - all well-known material for paving roads and sidewalks adjacent to buildings territories. Cobbles can make a special, unique look to any landscape - whether it is a small private garden near the house or a huge, beautiful park in the city center. In addition, it is perfect for paving sections of road and areas that carry a heavy load. Lined pavement, they not only acquire a European-elegant, well-groomed appearance, but can last for a long time without a major overhaul of the coating. A good example of this can serve as the Red Square in Moscow. Or we can recall many of the streets with areas in the old cities of Europe, whose coverage of the pavement survived for several centuries, almost losing his decorative and practical value.

Cobbles (or natural stone blocks) - the so-called stone material for road construction, which is made ​​of very strong rock, such as basalt, granite, marble and diabase. Natural stone paving blocks is (hence the name), shaped like a parallelepiped. Standard sizes of pavers: length from 15 to 30 cm, width from 9 to 15 cm in height from 10 to 16 cm.

The most common granite paving, which has gained popularity due to a favorable combination of low cost and excellent performance characteristics. It surpasses all known practical road-building materials for their strength and durability. Suffice it to recall buildings of ancient civilizations that used granite slabs for paving roads and squares around the king's palaces. To this day they came in almost its original form.

Of course, there is a paving stone, created by artificial means - for example, of concrete mixes. But believe me, nothing can compare to the reliability and beauty of natural stone pavers.

In addition to decorative and rugged, natural pavers can boast of such undoubted merits as a high resistance to temperature changes, vagaries of weather, severe stress and vibration. And the technology of laying pavers is fairly simple, and does not require any specific knowledge and skills. Cobbles are easy to clean and wash, and during the repairs, it can be easily how to handle and assemble again.

Also, would like to mention the ecological purity of the material: in hot weather coverage of the pavement is not softened and releases of hazardous substances to humans. You can not say about the widely circulated asphalt - it is already at an air temperature above 25 degrees Celsius, starts to produce volatile carcinogenic compounds that are harmful to health.

So, if you dream of well-ordered, well-kept plot, the design of small architectural forms - the tracks and platforms (for example, around ponds or gazebos) pavement will allow you to achieve a unique effect. Natural stone blocks not only gives your garden neat and stylish simplicity, but also fits naturally into the landscape - as one of its components. It should be noted that the pavement does not violate the natural water exchange between plants and does not prevent the ingress of water to the roots and air - as opposed to, say, from the same asphalt.

Not surprisingly, the granite pavers (although, like others of its species) was highly regarded in the past century, among the aristocracy. Indeed, thanks to her, on the tracks and adjacent areas mansions, never puddles remained, even after very heavy rain, and frost is not formed, even in extreme cold. (Even in those days, technology is laying pavers allow to achieve such results.) And if we talk about the beauty of this coverage and its high wear resistance, it is understandable why the cobbles as road-building material, has not handed over their positions and to this day.

It can be seen on ordinary city streets and central squares, pathways in gardens and courtyards luxurious suburban villas. Because due to its large external appeal - different colors and forms - it can make even the most daring ideas of architects and landscape designers.

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