Step-By-Step Guide on Laying Patio Pavers

Step-By-Step Guide on Laying Patio Pavers

It's time for the real work. But do you install pavers for a patio perfectly? Just follow what was planned and the guide below so that everything will be alright.

1. Clearing the site. This involves digging out loose earth, stones, and most importantly the plants. Make sure to remove the roots of the plants or they will cause sinking pavers.

2. Laying the foundation. Cover the area with the foundation (can be sand, dirt, or anything similar). Compact it with a whacker packer at least twice or until the surface is nice and firm.

3. Adding the bedding. Coarse sand is the most widely used material for the bedding. It should be at least 25mm thick from the foundation's top layer and must be nice and firm, too. Even out the bedding with a long and straight float. This is very important before laying out patio pavers. Water might run off beneath and destroy the laid down pavers if the bedding isn't even.

4. Laying down the pavers. This is one of the important stages on how to lay patio pavers perfectly. Start from the corner and work towards the middle. Borders must be laid down first, if the patio has that. If it will be installed against your house, then start at the house's base.

5. Cutting of pavers. You'll never need to cut pavers until the last few blocks to be laid down. In this case, you'll need to use a masonry saw and a hammer to cut the paver's edge.

6. Checking the level. Pavers will be laid down evenly if the foundation and bedding are even. But better make sure. Tap down pavers that are too high and add more sand underneath pavers that are too low.

7. Locking the pavers. There are now interlocking pavers available. A plastic retaining edge is enough to lock the pavers in place.

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