Laying Methods – Ridged

Laying Methods – Ridged:

It is always recommended to use a qualified experienced trades person for this installation method.

The concrete where the pavers are to be laid is to be cleaned and dampened.

The slurry mix is to be applied to the concrete where the mortar is to be placed in an even coat (1-2mm thick).
Place the mortar mix on the concrete and the paste for the paver to be laid on. The mortar bed should be 20mm thick with no voids and evenly spread.
Remove all loose material from the back of the paver before laying.
The back of the paving stone should have the slurry mix applied to it in an even coating 1-2mm thick.
Place the paving stone into position gently tapping down with a rubber mallet. (It is recommended to use a white rubber mallet to avoid marking the product). It is important to ensure that there are no air voids under the product as this may cause the adhesion of the pavers to fail or the product may not be fully supported.
Tap the paving stone down to the desired level.
Trowel fill any voids around the product and remove any excess mortar and discard it.
Remove all excess material from the surface of the paving stone using a clean sponge with clean water. It is important to work as cleanly as possible to avoid marking the product.
Do not spread too much mortar as it may begin to dry before you have laid the paving stone. Work in smaller controlled areas.
Note: Stone Pavers (500mm and above) are NOT to be laid on a sand bed only.
Grouting Compound:

It is recommended to use a high-grade pre-bagged grouting compound that is suitable for the application. It should cater for Grout joints of between 7-10mm. Stone provides tinters in the full colour range if you would like to tint your grout colour to match the paving material.


Please note that the above laying suggestions do not apply when installing Stone Pavers 20mm cladding tile. This product should be treated as a tile and laid accordingly using an appropriate tile adhesive product. This product has been designed to be used on vertical surfaces only and not on a horizontal surface.


All Stone products can be sealed. It is recommended to use a penetrating sealer. This will help protect the pavers from oil-based stains. For further information about the appropriate sealer contact your nearest Stone distributor.


Stone Pavers should be cleaned when grouting material has cured. This clean will enable any grouting residue to be removed.

Wet the area you wish to clean down.
Apply acid water mix (20 parts water to 1 part Hydrochloric acid)
Gently agitate surface with a stiff broom or scrubber.
Wash surface thoroughly
Note: It is recommended to work small areas at a time (3-4 square meters) and thoroughly wash as you go. It is important to have a well wet down surface before you apply the cleaning mix. Never apply acid mix to dry pavers.

It is also recommended that all appropriate safety protection be worn while handling the acid. Remember to always add acid to water.

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