There is a wide selection of colors when it comes to Garden Pavers. The reason for this is that there are so many different types of paver materials that can be applied to your garden features. You can choose from brick pavers, concrete pavers, precast concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, rubber pavers and even grass pavers. Therefore, there is a limitless range to choose from.

The huge range of colors and different types of pavers available today allows you to create the look and theme that you want. You can match the colors of all your landscape materials creating a continous look with a single color scheme. So if you have used red brick for your house bricks, you want to compliment them by using a similar shade brick paver for your driveway. The design possibilities are endless.

There are many different Natural Stone Pavers on the market today, and they are becoming increasingly popular for paving applications around the home.

Here is a list of the range of Natural Stone Pavers available:

Granite Pavers
Sandstone Pavers
Bluestone Pavers
Limestone Pavers
Cobblestone Pavers
Marble pavers
Slate Pavers
Flagstone Pavers
Once you decide on the type of natural stone paver you will use for your landscape project, you will then need to decide on the color. For each stone has its own individual range of natural colors. Natural Stone Pavers are ideal for the more rustic, earthy and ‘old world charm’ type of garden design.

The colors are all very natural and consist mostly of earth tones. They all have their own distinct textural features, such as; streaking, veining, speckling and spotting deposits. All of these factors contribute to the creation of elegant, ancient natural stone pavers applications.

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