Why choose granite?

Why choose granite?                        

Granite is chosen for its beauty, function, and durability.  It provides an unrivaled aesthetic and defines the importance of a place.   Granite  makes an indelible impression as a critical element in European plazas and streets.  
Using  granite  improves the feel of a place by adding color, depth, and texture to an element that normally would be left to plain concrete, or concrete pavers that imitate  granite .  It adds richness, color, and beauty to landscape design.   Granite  is an environmentally responsible choice for paving because it forms in layers, requiring less energy for extraction.  It requires less energy to produce than granite pavers or concrete.

Why Chose Leeca Stone?
Leeca Stone has been importing  granite  pavers and paving stone since 1993.  We pride ourselves on expert knowledge of the stone, its use, and installation techniques.  We've built a system of quality control, logistics, and service that ensures high quality, reliability, consistency, and satisfaction to our clients.
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