We are guaranteed you will find the look you desire!

Welcome to Leeca stone
We take pride in providing our customers with the finest Granite Pavers!  Pick from our wide variety and find the perfect selection for your next residential or commercial  project.

What is Recycled Granite?
Recycled granite pavers and tiles are created using left-over material from stone fabricators.  100% of the granite is recycled and Recycled Granite Pavers can earn credit points in the LEED rating system.

Are you asking yourself how the product can be Green?
It’s hard to believe a paver this unique is recycled; but IT IS!  Leeca stone has teamed up to keep this material out of our landfills and recycle it back to good use for custom, high-quality stones to embrace your residence or business.  With our wide range of color selections to pattern choices, we are guaranteed you will find the look you desire!

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