Granite products from Leeca stone

Granite is one of the world’s hardest & most durable natural products, and due to its hard wearing nature, it can be used internally or externally, whatever you requirements.

Due to the resilient nature of granite, it has been used extensively in public, commercial and residential projects as paving, cobblestones, walling products, water features and sculptures.

Having formed thousands of years ago, any deterioration of colour has already taken place, so you can be assured that the granite product you buy today will stand the test of time, and retain the exquisite beauty of natural stone.

The chemistry and mineralogy of each individual quarry means that we can access an extensive range of colours in granite.  Our basic range consists of colours including white, grey, black, green, yellow, orange, burgundy and much more. There’s a colour to suit almost every need.

Most granite is quarried in huge blocks, making it possible for us to achieve sizes that are otherwise unfeasible with other natural stones, and due to the strength granite provides we are able to produce large pieces of stone with relative thinness whilst retaining its sturdy nature.

We are able to apply a number of finishes to your product dependant on your needs, including slip resistant finishes for your paving needs and polished finishes for display pieces.

Granite is strong, durable, stain resistant and colour fast, and with our large range, we are sure to help you find something special for you next project.

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