Our success in interiors and exteriors paving cobblestone from Leecastone

Our success in  interiors and exteriors paving cobblestone from Leecastone

Our Company
Leeca Stone has been providing high quality paving stone, garden stones and tiles to customers and the world for 20 years. Because we quarry, process and supply we are able to provide the highest quality product. The applications for the granite, quartzite, porphyry and limestone can be applied to interiors and exteriors. The varying colour and texture of our product is part of the appeal and just one of the many reasons that architects love to use Leecastone products.

There are many examples of our product being used on schools, housing and public spaces where Tamala Limestone or stone cladding have been used extensively.

The use of our quarried materials in residential homes provides an aesthetically pleasing result that cannot be achieved with manufactured brocks. Good use can be made of the thermal properties of limestone products which may assist in maintaining comfortable internal temperature in all kinds of weather conditions.

Commercial Success
Commercial premises often use the visual appearance of Natural Stone to enhance the appearance of the building, creating beautiful courtyards, reception areas and feature walls to impress customers and passers-by. Natural Stone lends an air of so sophistication to contemporary edifices making it a popular choice in many areas. Granite cobbles and sandstone can be used to transform the exterior of buildings, housing and corporations that want to announce their presence by creating a visually appealing facade using Meteor Stone Products. The appeal of our product range has ensured our own commercial success and we have built a comprehensive network of distributors to provide the best service possible to all our customers.

Limestone paving can be laid in various patterns creating stunning surrounds for outdoor pools, water features and garden edging, that will give endless viewing pleasure to homeowners and commercial tenants.For beautiful Sandstone Perth building firms know that we are the best source in the country and we have established long term relationships with many companies owing to the consistently high quality of all products that Leeca Stone supplies.

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