Cobblestone - Bluestone Cobbles for Outdoor Paving & Landscape Design

Cobblestone - Bluestone Cobbles for Outdoor Paving & Landscape Design  

Bluestone Cobbles - Tough with Low Maintenance

Bluestone’s toughness gives it excellent wear and tear resistance; bluestone is used for structural work because of its high compressive strength and durability. The dark colour of bluestone makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas as it doesn't show the dirt or rubber from car tyres.

Cobblestone Looks Stunning on Driveways

Bluestone is a very versatile stone and readily takes a number of finishes to suit the needs of the project. The natural split surface provides a safe, grippy surface especially on driveways that are built on an incline. The cobbles are also favoured by landscapers for use on paths and walkways.

Satisfaction - 100% Guaranteed
Bellstone wholesales the finest quality natural stone products for walls, flooring and paving for use in residential and commercial building projects as well as outdoor design, garden and landscaping applications.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the quality of a piece of stone you have just unpacked - contact us straightaway and we will replace it within 48 hours at no cost.
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Bluestone Cobbles – Natural Split

Bluestone Cobbles - Flamed

Natural split surface - 90x90x30mm (300x300mm sheets)
Flamed surface - 130x130x30mm

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