About tumbled pavers and how to choose the paver colors

Tumbled pavers are also know as cobblestone pavers. They can be uneven on the surface or smooth. Although they often are called cobblestone pavers, they are not true granite cobblestone pavers.

These are sometimes used on a cobblestone driveway or driveway apron. However, concrete pavers can be used to to mimic the real deal.Beveled pavers have what looks like a chiseled, smooth edge. They are a clean cut look and are not tumbled.

Paver Colors

When selecting a color, one of the first things I do is look at both the paver color and the color of your house. You want the color of both to blend or contrast exceptionally well together.

•If you have a white clapboard house, there are many colors that will look well. You can use grays, beiges, browns, carmel and rust.

•Sometimes it is more challenging. This would be the case with a brick house. In this case, take a look at the color of the grout. Gray grout and brick looks well with gray pavers. Beige grout lends itself to those that are more of a beige color.

•A beige or taupe colored house - use the same color paver with another color running through the paver or add a contrasting color into the paver mixture.

•A stone house will lend itself to more of a solid colored concrete paver, unless you can really get pavers with various color that match almost perfectly.

•The best thing to do is get some samples and look at them next to your home. Be sure to get enough (eight or more) so that you can tell. If you only have a couple of pavers it won't give you a clear picture.

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