Cube Stone Services From Leeca Paving Stone

Cube Stone Services From Leeca Paving Stone: 
Cube Stone Information:
Cube stones are symmetrical on all sides. They are a smaller stone made of quality granite. Granite is a very durable material one of the hardest stones second to diamonds. They are 4 to 5 inches long. They range from 4 to 5 inches deep and 4 to 5 inches wide. New and used they come in variety of colors. Cube stones are environmentally safe a great choice for most indoors or outdoor projects. They last a long time before repair or maintenance is needed. They are designed for beauty and durability.
Cube stones can be used for kitchen countertops, bar tops, and islands. These are few of their more creative uses. They are used for flooring, plaques, wall cladding and garden pathways. The stones are versatile and can be reused in landscaping. Cube stones come in reclaimed and used so the age of the stone ranges greatly. They are a smaller stone that than the Jumbo or Medium Cobblestone. They tend to have same depth, width and length. Cube stones are used for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects below are some uses.
Cube stone driveways
Cube stone garden walkways and paths
Cube stone edging around a flower garden
Cube stone fireplace mantles
Cube stone base for a mantel
Cube stone foundations
Cube stone tree surrounds
Cube stone pool patios or surrounds
Cube stone walls Cube stone terraces
Cube stone kitchen countertop
Cube stone bar tops Cube stone islands
Our advantage is own fatctory,own design and R&D department.Own marketing team.
Competitive are the quality & price of our excellent products.
Our main color: White,Light Grey,Dark Grey,Black,Yellow,Red,Green etc.
Our main finish:Tumbled,Flamed, Natural split face,Saw edges etc.
We are specialists in many different styles, including:

All types of Natural stone paving;  
Back net paving stone, be it York stone, China stone, granite or sandstone setts and cobbles;

Driveway pavers;
Granite paving;

Basalt ;

Our services include:

Turfing: we supply and lay the well respected Lindum turf, a high quality seed grown turf to produce the finest of lawns;

Patios: whether it's a natural stone (York Stone, Chinese stone paving or granite/sandstone setts/cobbles) or concrete decorative paving, we cater for all your needs;

Fencing: all types supplied and fitted;

Drainage: if your lawn requires draining, we can install both french and land drains to help solve your problem;

Walling: from a simple dwarf retaining wall to a large garden boundary wall, we can construct them all;

Planting: from a planting design through to the supply and planting of your garden, come and see us at our garden centre - Tree Tops Nursery.
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